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Please contact Sally or Jeff if you aren’t sure who your rep/steward is. (Always contact your Local Steward first if your office has one.)

Remember: If you receive ANY discipline you MUST file a grievance within 14 days.  Always file a grievance when you receive discipline.  Contact your Local Steward, Area Steward, Assistant District Representative or District Representative for guidance and any questions.


Filing a Grievance (Instructions and PS form 8191)   CALL YOUR REP. FIRST 

  • If you do not file properly TIMELY (within 14 Days of incident) and send the (after Management dates and initials 3b & answers 3c) grievance form (PS Form 8191) to your assigned Local, Area, ADR or DR you have not filed the grievance!  NEVER leave a grievance form with management when you discuss the issue.  Remember, your rep. only has 10 days to set-up a Step 1 Meeting with management to hear your grievance once you have filed it (date in 3b).

Directions for Filing a Grievance at the Step 1 Discussion


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  

“Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.”Albert Einstein



 GREENSBORO District:                                                     MID-CAROLINA District

Jeff Essick  D R                                                                                               Sally Corriher  D R


Bryan Hudgins Full Time A D R.                                                                       Bethany Small  Full Time A D R.

Gail Naillon  Full Time A D R.                                                                            Eddie Moss  Full Time A D R.

Daniel Caudle  Full Time A D R.                                                                        Kelly Futch  Part Time A D R.

                                                                                                                                  Brenda Prevatte  Area Steward

Kimberly Atwell   Area Steward                                                                         Ralph Fernandez  Area Steward

Drew Prichard  Area Steward                                                                             Scarlett Hall  Area Steward

Scott Deal  Area Steward                                                                                               


Step 4 Settlement on Compensation When Speaking to a Steward Prior to a Pre-Disciplinary Interview

This case involved management denying compensation to a grievant who requested to talk to their Steward when required to attend a pre-disciplinary interview. The parties agree a grievant is entitled to compensation for a reasonable amount of time to speak with their steward prior to attending a pre-disciplinary interview. The parties previously agreed in a step 4 settlement from Maple Grove, MN dated January 22, 1999 (I-39 in the Quick Reference Guide), that rural carriers are entitled to be compensated for the time involved to attend a pre-disciplinary interview.


You may view the Step 4 settlement letter here
You may view the prior Step 4 settlement letter here



 Management knows WHERE you are and WHAT you are doing.  YOU MUST SCAN ALL ITEMS AT THE POINT OF DELIVERY.  This means: You MUST scan a item that goes to the door, AT THE DOOR.  Also, stay on your “Line of Travel” (PS Form 4003).

 Many letter carriers have already been briefed on the capabilities of the new scanners, and warned to do their daily duties accordingly or risk being identified by the new Delivery Management System (DMS) software program. For example, carriers have been warned that spending more than five minutes with another carrier on the street will result in an alert on the delivery manager’s computer. The DMS program has a host of tracking tools, including creating alerts when a carrier is running late. One of the most powerful tools of the DMS software is the Breadcrumbs feature that plots letter carrier movements throughout the day. The feature can be used to find a carrier, or the data can be played back to see where the carrier was minute-by-minute throughout the day.


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