Member of the Year

2018 Members of the Year

Guidelines For Selection Of Member of the Year

I.    Method of Selection

1.    Nomination of candidates for the award shall be made prior to the State Convention.  Nominations may be made directly from the members inviting such nominations.  Also, local, county or district units may select candidates for the award.

2.   In either event, the name of the candidate should be submitted, with a brief resume of accomplishments, to a Selection Committee to be named by the State Board, or by any other means, which may be the prevailing policy in the State Association.


II.   Eligibility for Award

1. Any MEMBER of the Association may be nominated as a candidate for the Outstanding Member of the Year Award.

2. State Association Officers should not be arbitrarily selected for the award nor should they be eliminated from consideration.  Officers have been chosen to lead and serve, but it is frequently demonstrated that their services go far beyond the routine duties of the office and, thus may be worthy of selection.


III. Criteria for Selection

1. The primary consideration of the Selection Committee shall be:

A The service rendered by the candidate to the Rural Letter Carriers’ Association;

B Attendance and participation in local, state and national meetings;

C Willingness to accept responsibilities and dedication in performing those duties;

D Fraternal Attitude to others of the Rural Carrier Craft.

2. The Selection Committee should also consider, as a secondary matter, other service which the candidate may have rendered, such as civic and community activities, which reflect favorably   upon   the Rural Letter Carrier Craft and the Postal Service.

3. Consideration shall be given for services rendered in the immediately preceding twelve-month period, but not completely limited to this period of time.  New carriers should be encouraged to seek to achieve this award.


IV. Presentation of Award

When each State Association has made its selection, the name of the candidate shall be reported to the National Office by the State Secretary on the regular Annual Report.  An appropriate award will be presented by the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association at its National Convention.


V.    Other

These guidelines are not intended to be binding and a State may use any other selection procedure that is suitable for each State.

The announcement of the recipient of the award will be made at the State Convention.  The State Secretary shall report the name to the National Office and the award will be presented at the National Convention with State presentation at the Fall Booster.

This year the State Board has appointed the immediate past three recipients of the award to serve as the Selection Committee.

Please mail the name of the candidate, along with a resume to ALL members of the Selection Committee listed below, prior to the State Convention.



Derek Harpe

781 Baltimore Road

Advance, NC 27006-7817

Brenda Johnson

address  tba

Donald Ayscue

address tba

Outstanding Member of the Year List

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